St. Louis Buy/Sell Agreement Lawyer

Knowledgeable Business Lawyer Creating Buy/Sell Agreements for St. Louis Business Owners

Anyone who owns a business puts a whole lot of time, work, and money into building something important. This is no less the case when a business has multiple owners. But what happens when one owner wants to move on or is forced to move on by external circumstances? An effective buy/sell agreement can help ensure that all parties are treated fairly and the business is able to continue following the departure of a co-owner.

Develop Buy/Sell Agreements Early

Like most business contracts, the right time to create a buy/sell agreement is as soon as possible. Once a business’ co-owner has already decided that they want to leave, it can be difficult and contentious to come to terms for the remaining owners to buy them out of the business. By putting together a buy/sell agreement from the start, owners can agree to terms that are equitable for everyone.

Legal Guidance for St. Louis Businesses

Roger Wallach of Wallach & Associates, P.C., has been serving St. Louis businesses for over 25 years with professionalism and personal attention. We will work with you and your business partners to understand your business’ unique needs and develop an agreement that works for everyone. Our comprehensive business law services will ensure that your business has a stable legal foundation as it grows.