St. Louis Commercial Lease Attorney

Hardworking St. Louis Commercial Lease Attorney Assisting Landlords and Tenants

If you own commercial real estate or operate a business, then you know how important (and sometimes complicated) commercial leases can be. There’s always a lot on the line when it comes to real estate due to the size of the assets involved. Commercial leases often represent even larger investments from both parties, and, because businesses are involved, stability is crucial. Wallach & Associates, P.C., assists both landlords and tenants with our experienced commercial lease attorney services to minimize complications and maximize success.

The Unique Requirements of Commercial Leases

Commercial leases differ from residential leases is a number of ways. Notably, commercial leases are usually significantly longer than residential leases: 3–5 years as opposed to 1 year for commercial leases. Moreover, commercial renters often want to make substantial changes to a building, like adding a kitchen or built-in furniture. All of these provisions need to be addressed by the contract to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Comprehensive Commercial Lease Assistance

Because Wallach & Associates, P.C., we have an in-depth understanding of both sides of the lease equation. Whether you are a landlord or a prospective tenant, we can help you negotiate a fair lease that accomplishes your goals or identify any problems with an existing lease. Our commercial lease services are the best way to guarantee that your business or property is protected now and in the future.