St. Louis International Business Attorney

Helping St. Louis Businesses Navigate Overseas Operations and Agreements, Customs, and Import/Export

There’s no way around it—the world of international business is complicated. If you want to do business globally, you have to deal with the laws of your home country and any country you want to work with, plus considerations for how those laws interact with each other. If that’s not enough, these laws differ depending on whether you are importing or exporting. Fortunately, Wallach & Associates, P.C., has the experience to set your business up for worldwide success.

Working with State and Federal Agencies

Before you deal with organizations around the world, you have to think about the relevant national and state agencies that regulate your business. These can include the IRS, OSHA, EPA, SEC, and more. We have helped countless Missouri businesses navigate approval processes and ensure that they are in compliance with regulations at all levels. So whether you are manufacturing, importing, or exporting, we’ve got you covered.

International Legal Collaboration

When it comes to business operations in other countries, the best strategy is to collaborate with legal resources in those countries to ensure that your business is complying with all the laws specific to your target country. At Wallach & Associates, P.C., we have extensive contacts in Central America, South America, and Europe that we work with to keep businesses running around the world. And, because we’re fluent in Spanish, translation is a breeze.

Comprehensive Services for St. Louis’ International Businesses

Wallach & Associates, P.C., is committed to building long-term relationships with all of our clients. We’ll take the time to understand your business and will be here to help you with all aspects of your legal needs. We know that you work hard for your business—we’re here to make sure you have the legal resources you need to succeed. Whether you’re negotiating international contracts, navigating customs, or setting up overseas operations, Wallach & Associates will help you move forward with confidence.